Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour

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About Jakarta City Tour

Jakarta City Tour

Jakarta, Indonesia’s huge capital, sits on the northwest coast of the island of Java. A historic mix of cultures – Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European – has influenced its architecture, language and cuisine. The old town, Kota Tua, is home to Dutch colonial buildings, Glodok (Jakarta’s Chinatown) and the old port of Sunda Kelapa, where traditional wooden schooners dock.

Jakarta is one of Indonesia’s designated tourist areas. It is a gateway to other tourist destinations in Indonesia and is equipped with all the means of modern transportation by air, sea, rail, or by land. It has the largest and most modern airport in the country, the most important harbor in Indonesia and is well connected by rail of good roads to other destinations in Java, Sumatra, and Bali. As Indonesia’s main gateway, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport serves a growing number of international airlines and domestic flights. Jakarta is a city of contrasts; the traditional and the modern, the rich and the poor, the sacral and the worldly, often stand side by side in this bustling metropolis. Even its population gathered from all those diverse ethnic and cultural groups, which compose Indonesia, are constantly juxtaposed present reminder of the national motto; Unity in Diversity.

About Jakarta Puncak Tour

Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour

Puncak is a mountain tourist area that is included in the district of Bogor and Cianjur. This area is already very popular for tourists both domestic and foreign travelers. This area is known as a resort, tourist, and local tea plantation which was built by the Dutch colonial government.

Puncak area has long been known for his coolness and freshness of the air. No wonder the region is becoming one of the excellent tourist destination in West Java. Puncak area extend from sub-distric of Megamendung Ciawi until Cisarua, and as a landmark of this area is the area of Gunung Mas tea plantation is located in District Cisarua.

From a distance looks the tea pickers at work, although only the head and hat capingnya only. The tea pickers working in a group between 15 to 20 people. His job just pluck tea leaves at the top only, then the leaves are put into a basket placed on the back of his body.
Tea picker scenery is indeed one interesting sights in the Puncak area. Just imagine, among the green carpet of tea gardens, they look like ornaments, because their clothes are colorful look so beautiful. If you’re curious, you can try to approach them. With a little chat you can also pick their own tea.
You can also ask, how to proceed after the tea leaves are collected, until finally entered the tea processing factory.

There are many top tourist attractions in the region is one of them At’taawun Mosque. Along the path to the summit there are a lot of the restaurants or stalls that sell various kinds of merchandise. Because the area is not far from the capital Jakarta, as well as easy accessibility to this area, making the Puncak area is one of the favorite tourist destination for residents of the capital, in addition to tourists from other regions.

About Bandung Tour

Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour

Bandung, capital of Indonesia’s West Java province, is a large city set amid volcanoes and tea plantations. It’s known for colonial and art deco architecture, a lively, university-town feel and – thanks to its 768m elevation – relatively cool tropical weather. Bandung is also a shopping destination, with fashion outlets clustered along Jalan Setiabudi and Jalan Riau and in the Dago district.

There are short drives up to the mountain resorts of Lembang and the Bosscha Observatory, and higher to the volcanic crater of Tangkuban Perahu, the only crater in Java accessible all the way by car as far as its rim. It is an awe-inspiring sight of emanating sulfur fumes. Descent into all the volcano’s 12 craters is only possible with the aid of an experienced guide, because of the presence of suffocating gases at certain spots. Just a 15 minutes drive from Tangkuban Perahu is a hot springs resort. Here we can swim in warm mineral water pools, good for healing skin problems. The resort provides visitors with a bar, restaurants, tennis courts and cottage style hotels overlooking a beautiful mountain-scope.



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